Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Cisco Roundtable

I spent the day winding my way to Santa Clara and back. Although I have carpool stickers on my car, it took me three hours and twenty minutes to go 135 miles (50 to 80 to 580 to 238 to 880). Letting Waze lead the way, the traffic was horrific. I got to the Cisco Briefing Center in time for the meeting, but just barely. I told Sharon that the next time I was talking about making a day trip to Santa Clara that she should slap me.

I attended a roundtable event titled "Cloud, the Edge and the Future of IT." It was executive conversation with David Goeckeler: EVP and General Manager of Cisco's Networking and Security Business. Topics included: extending the Cisco network management into the cloud; how Meraki fits into the overall strategy plus Meraki cameras; a general discussion about the disjointed nature of Cisco's collaboration platform; and security tools (single pane of glass).

Afterwards, I wandered over to a different Cisco building for a quick look at some video conferencing technology. We are standing up a project to refresh our video conferencing technology.

It took me about two hours and ten minutes to wind my way home (880 to 262 to 680 to 580 to 205 to 5 to 50). I made a quick stop near our old house in Elk Grove for a late lunch.

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