Friday, July 02, 2021

Davis to Winters Bike Ride

Friday morning, Sharon and I drove to Davis with our bikes. We parked on Lake Boulevard next to the apartment complex where I lived my junior year college. We rode our bikes west on the bike trail along Russell Boulevard to Stevenson Bridge Road. Turning left on Stevenson Bridge Road, we turned right on Putah Creek Road. We followed Putah Creek Road all the way into Winters.

Sharon has done this ride before. She was interested in getting out there while the sunflowers are still in bloom.

We had a quick bite to eat [turkey bacon avocado paninis] at Steady Eddie's Coffee House. There are probably better places to eat, but we were short on time. We were within about 1/3 of mile of Boone's Patio 29 distillery.

We put our heads down and made good time on the way back to the car. In total, we covered more than 24 miles in two hours and eighteen minutes. A map is here.

Friday evening, Sharon organized an impromptive get together at pool. We have hors d'oeuvres and wine with several of her neighbors, including Jim, Debi, Jill, Brad and Heidi.

We finished the day watching the last two episodes of season one of Ted Lasso.

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