Sunday, July 04, 2021

Frame Family 4th of July

With life hopefully returning somewhat to normal, Sharon's brother Tom hosted a Frame Family 4th of July. The group included Sharon and I, Morgan, Lee and Daniel, Tom, Eric and Ashley, Tim and Kathy, Erin and Cormac, Will and Eileen and Jim. Mary stopped by after dinner.

We spent the late afternoon visiting, playing bocce ball and swimming in the pool. Lee enjoyed the pool. He was particulary interested in climbing into the pool on the steps.

For dinner, I barbecued some corn for Sharon's shrimp butter. Eric barbecued polish dogs.

Sharon had bought some sparklers to set off before Lee went home. We finished the night with a selection of fireworks on Tom's driveway.

When we got home, we saw the last part of the second night of the Rancho Cordova fireworks display. I had frankly forgotten how close these fireworks were to our house!

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