Tuesday, May 30, 2023

2023 England and Scotland - Day #7 - to Newburn

With both of us up early, I wandered down for cup of Americano coffee. I then went to the fitness center and did a twenty minute Peleton upper body workout. Trying to sort out the kilogram weights was interesting. Afterwards, Sharon and I did a five minute Peleton lower body stetch together in the room.

Sharon and I had breakfast at the hotel. As part of the package, Macs Adventure is moving our bags every day. I dropped the bags in the lobby before 9 am. I was surprised to see at least ten other Macs Adventure bsgs.

Tom, Anna-Marie, Sharon and I met just before 10 am and started off. We made a lunch break about 1 pm at the Lemington Deli. We got to the Keelman Lodge about 2:45 pm. For the next few nights, we are changing hotels every day. I was pleasantly surprised to find our bags were already there.

We covered 7.5 miles in three hours and twenty-two minutes. Our pace was slower than the first day at 26:50.

After we got settled in the room, Sharon, Tom and I wandered down and had a beer at the brew pub connected to the Lodge. They have an on-site micro-brewery!

We finished the day with dinner at the lodge. Sharon had Sea Bass, while I had Bolognese Tagliatelle. After dinner, we all crashed early. Tomorriw is a 15.7 miles day!

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