Monday, May 01, 2023

Apple Watch Ultra

Seven years ago, Sharon bought me an Apple Watch for Father's Day. Although I had never worn a watch before, it quickly become a key part of my life. I am literally never without it.

I upgraded to a Series 3 five years ago, to a Series 5 three years ago and to a Series 7 last February.

I have gotten frustrated with the battery life of the Series 7. Using Golfshot Plus during the Petersen Shootout, the watch died both days about the 14th or 15th hole. I have been using AllTrails while we have been doing the Hadrian Wall training hikes. On the longer hikes, the watch would be dead before we finished the hike.

With the trip to England and Scotland looming, I decided to upgrade my watch to a Ultra. It is advertised as having twice the battery life of a Series 8 Apple watch. I ordered the watch last Thursday morning and had it delivered in the afternoon.

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