Monday, May 17, 2004

Kings' Peeler to miss Game 7 for elbowing KG

Anthony Peeler will miss Game 7 for elbowing KG. Initially, when we were at the game, I was not happy with the call. After watching the highlights on ESPNews several times while running on the treadmill, I have to agree that they made the right call and that Peeler deserves the suspension.

I also heard Grant Napear and Mike Lamb say on KHTK tonight that Bobby Jackson will not be playing in game seven.

About the upcoming game seven between the Kings and the Wolves, Garnett said. "Sitting in the house, I'm loadin' up the pump. I'm loadin' up the Uzi. I got a couple M-16s, a couple 9s. I got a couple joints with some silencers on them. I'm just loading clips, a couple grenades. I got a missile launcher with a couple of missiles. I'm ready for war." Given everything going on in the world, I am not sure that this is the right analogy to use...

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