Saturday, May 08, 2004

Las Vegas ruins a good outing by Cats' Ziegler

Jack played in his ninth baseball game of the season in the morning.

Sharon and I spent the afternoon working in the backyard.

Saturday evening, we took Jack to the River Cats game. It was Elk Grove little league night and there was a sellout crowd of 14,611. The place was a zoo. The event included a parade of all the teams around the field before the game. Jack's team had decided to get outfield grass seats and sit together. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, the outfield grass was already packed. After a couple of false starts, we ended up finding some of Jack's team and sitting with them. We lasted until about the seventh inning. It is a good thing that we did not try to stick out the game, the River Cats ending up losing in 12 innings.

Mark McLemore played nine innings for the River Cats; he started at shortstop for the Oakland A's last season. He is on a rehabilitation assignment with the River Cats after having knee surgery in March.

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