Saturday, April 09, 2005

Baseball and Dinner

While Sharon spent the afternoon serving as a wedding coordinator at Good Shepherd, Jack and I went to his first baseball game of the season. After playing t-ball in 2003 and rookie league in 2004, Jack is playing in the Single A in the Laguna Youth Baseball League this year.

In the three inning game, he hit the ball solidly twice and got on base. He also participated in making four of the nine outs. In the first inning, he played third base, fielded a grounder and got a force out at third. In the third inning, he played from the pitcher's mound. He made a force out at home for one out, threw to home for a second out, and threw to first for the third out.

When Sharon got home, we took off for Modesto. We went to dinner with Randy and Linda at Galletto Ristorante in downtown Modesto. Sharon and Randy met during their junior years in college. We had a nice dinner and a great evening and got home about midnight.

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