Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Microsoft to kill the BlackBerry?

I have previously said that I believe that the Microsoft CE iPAQs are dead. After more than fifteen months, I continue to carry and use the Nextel Blackberry. The only other "gadget" that I used for longer is the Apple Newton Messagepad that I carried for almost five years.

It appears that Microsoft is starting to take aim at Blackberries with smart phones:

Microsoft wants to kill the BlackBerry
dead with Windows Mobile 2005

By coincidence, the chief engineer handed me a Sprint PPC-6601 today; this device is based on Windows Mobile for Pocket PCs 2003 Second Edition. If they can get the push technology to work as seamlessly as the Blackberries, I have to admit that the PPC-6601 has some sexier features than the Blackberry. I will probably not carry it in the short term. I love the camera and camcorder features on my current Sprint phone. There is a PPC-6600 that has a camera and camcorder; I may have to look around for one of those to play with...

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