Sunday, July 31, 2005

Almanor 2005 Day 2

I spent some time messing around with the computers in the morning. A couple of utilities that I can normally use over the broadband connection were not working. As a result, I spent some time trying to figure out how to use some alternative procedures to post pictures and text.

While I was messing around, Tomasin took his boat out. Morgan, Drew, Jack, David and I ended up going out with Tomasin on his second run. I singled skiied, while David and Drew wakeboarded. Jack had expressed an interest in skiing, but when I got him on the back of the boat and started putting skis on him, he bailed.

Afterwards, a large group of the adults spent some time on the boat ramp visiting. We eventually got the entire group, all 28 of us, headed towards the hamburger hut. We usually avoid Lassen View on weekends, but with Mike going back for football practice on Monday, Tomasin wanted to go today. The resulting wait for food was epic. The place with packed with people who had not eaten yet. I believe that we ended up waiting for more than an hour and a half before we got our food.

As an interesting sidenote, the owners of the Lassen View Resort and the Hamburger Hut have sold the place. The area is going to be subdivided into lots.

With the wind picking up, we had a bumpy ride back to the cabins.

The Chabriers invited everyone for dinner at their house. We ended up spending the late afternoon and evening at their house. Chabrier barbacued hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken for everyone, while the kids played football and horseshoes.

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