Wednesday, July 27, 2005

California Historical Landmark #335

A couple of months ago, I bought two books on historical sites in California. With my company spread around Northern California and my job taking me to many of the sites, I figured that I would occasionally stop and visit a site on the way there or back. With a trip to San Francisco planned for today, I thumbed through the books this morning looking for a short side trip.

I found a California Historical Landmark right off the freeway in Emeryville. When I started, I did not realize that this was a site that never had a plaque placed on it or how much recent controversy there was. You can get a feel for the history of the site and what has taken place in the last six plus years by looking through the information in the following links:

Some of the old pictures are interesting. It is a area that has an amazing history both in the last 2,500 years and the last 150 years.

It is said that the Indians who came to this site camped just above the shoreline. The shells they threw aside from their catches of shellfish eventually covered some hundreds of thousands of square feet, marked by several cones.

Site of the Shell Mound
California State Historical Landmark #335

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This landmark is located in the 4600 block of Shell Mound Street in Emeryville, California. There are 35 other California State Historical Landmarks in Alameda County.

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