Friday, April 28, 2006

2006 Playoffs Game 1a

I got a single ticket down low [section 123, row A, seat 18] for game three of the Sacramento Kings versus San Antonio Spurs first round play-off series. Sitting in the car in the parking lot listening to the pre-game show on the radio, I saw Larkin pull up and park nearby. I did not know that he was going to the game; he was there with his friend Pete. The three of us hung out in the parking lot for a bit and then headed for the arena. After I split up from Larkin, I ran into Norma Udell and her son Wesley.

Particularly given the outcome, it was a very enjoyable game. The Kings kept opening up small leads and then the Spurs would claw at the end of each quarter.

Bibby ended up playing 48 minutes, every minute of the game, and you could see that he was getting more than a little gassed at certain points in the game. In contrast, Parker only played 32 minutes.

At the end of the game, I was in the corner at the Kings end of the court. When Bibby poked the ball away and started up court with Martin, they were coming toward me. The last things I vividly remember are the watching Martin's lay-up bounce on the rim, the red light on the basket going off and then the ball dropping through the rim. The Kings won by the score of 94 to 93. The arena erupted at that point.

After the game, I met back up with Larkin and Pete. We sat in the Skyline Lounge upstairs in Arco Arena until they kicked us out.

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