Sunday, May 07, 2006

To Bronxville

Up fairly early, Nooter and I wandered up Broadway to find somewhere for breakfast. I really enjoyed having a chance to spend some time with him and catch up.

After breakfast, we packed up and I caught a cab to Grand Central Station. From there, I took a train to Bronxville. Morgan sent me a text message early Sunday morning with some great instructions on how to get to the school. She met me at the train station and walked back to the campus.

We spent some time on campus seeing her dorm room and then sitting and having a cup of coffee and talking. The campus is very cool. Morgan had a rehearsal for the show so I took a cab to the hotel to check in.

Heading back to campus, I saw a performance of Candide. Morgan and her roommate were in the chorus.

After the show, Morgan and I made some plans for Monday and I headed back to the hotel. With a red-eye flight on Friday night and a short night's sleep Saturday, I was running out of gas and crashed early.

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