Monday, July 30, 2007

2007 Almanor Day 3

A minor fiasco... My plan for today was to head to Susanville, rent mountain bikes and ride on the Biz Johnson Trail. Wallen and I drove to Susanville only to find that the only place that rents bikes is closed on Mondays. The staff at the trailhead indicated that the only other place to rent bikes was back in Chester. Driving all the way into Chester, we found the only place that rents bikes was also closed on Mondays. I was not pleased.

After a quick stop back at the Dorado Inn, Wallen and I headed to the bike trail on the west side of the lake for a run. I have been dreading the day that I would have to run with Wallen for the last two years. I have lost too much speed to be able to keep up with him. We ended up running five miles. We covered the first half at a 8:31 per mile pace. He left me in the dust at the turn. Wallen ended up with an average of 8:30 per mile, while my pace for the run fell all the way to 9:06.

Drew, Morgan and Kaylen showed up in the early afternoon. After they got the car unpacked, Drew, Kaylen, Morgan, Jack, Janie, Sharon and I took the boat out. Drew wakeboarded a couple of times and we spent some time getting Janie up on the wakeboard. We hooked up with the Hunter and Tomasin boat and spent some time floating and swimming on the lake. We finished the afternoon on the lake watching Danny wakeboard behind Tomasin's boat.

It was one of those days on the lake where it was hot in the afternoon and lake was calm; the wind never came up.

Back at the Dorado Inn, the Chabrier's showed up with their patio boat. The group spent some time visiting and catching up. The Snipes made a great dinner of Fajitas! Although they fed 26 people, there was still a lot of food left over.

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