Saturday, July 28, 2007

California Historical Landmark #770

Chinese Temple
California State Historical Landmark #770

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This landmark is located at 1500 Broderick Street, Oroville, California in Butte County. There are 10 other California State Historical Landmarks in Butte County. The GPS coordinates for this location are N 39° 30.821 W 121° 33.702.

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Dedicated in the spring of 1863, this building served as a temple of worship for 10,000 Chinese then living here. Funds for its erection and furnishings were provided by the Emperor and Empress of China - local Chinese labor built the structure. The building was deeded to the City of Oroville in 1935 by the Chinese residents.


  1. Heringer - Great post. As we live in CA we have tried to visit as many historical places as we could. There's and excellent book called "Discover Historic California" which lists sites by region - there are 76 regions listed with directions, maps and a brief bio on the 1500 sites you can visit. The authors are George and Jan Roberts and was published by Gem Guides Book Co. out of Pico Rivera, CA. Enjoy!

  2. Cool! Always nice to meet a fellow landmark-hunter. :)

    (Your blog came in on a Google alerts feed thingy. Thought I'd wave.)