Monday, November 26, 2007

Aggie Get Together

Chabrier has been working to get a group of UC Davis Alumni together on a regular basis. We met in Healdsburg in June and at the first UC Davis Football game in September.

Monday night, we got together at Bistro 33 in Davis. This restaurant is located in Davis' Historic City Hall. The group included Chabrier, Hunter, Snipes, Al Greene and I.

Other than Hunter's stories of the Rugby World Cup Tour to France with Tomasin, Geselbracht and Swedberg, probably the most interesting discussion of the evening revolved around Chabrier's new job. He is Chief Marketing Officer for Puresense. Puresense's major product is a turn-key solution for irrigation management, including monitors and on-line software.

The evening's wide ranging discussion also included the California olive industry and the causes of cancer. Al Greene is very passionate about his involvement in the California olive industry, while Snipes had some interesting observations about the factors that do and don't contribute to higher rates of cancer.

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