Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Morgan Heringer Quartet

Morgan sent out the following e-mail. Detour Ahead is posted on her website; this is my Song for 2007 in the Soundtrack for My Life. After dinner at the fall dinner party, I played this song for the group.
hey everybody!

i just finished recording some demos with a quartet for the iaje "sisters in jazz" competition, with the help of my good friend and recording master tom tierney! so of course i made a myspace, like everybody else in the world. you can find it here at:

let me know if you want me to email you the files because you dont know how to work the internet or something. but if you have myspace, add me as a friend!

now that i have a band, in the future i hope to record some more of my originals and twisted arrangements/reharms of old standards, which is of more personal interest than singing "have you met miss jones," though that is nice too. another thing: i love singing standards, if you know anyone who needs a straight-ahead jazz group for any sort of function, we will gladly play! i have a great rhythm section whom you can hear on the demos.

we are definitely playing at sarah lawrence college on december 16th. stop by if youre in the area!!


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