Saturday, November 03, 2007

2007 Flag Football Team Skills Competition

Jack finished the 2007 flag football season with his team competing in a skills competition. There were four events. First, four kids ran an obstacle course. Second, the whole team ran a relay back and forth weaving between cones and handing off the ball. The object was to see how many laps your team could run in two minutes. Third, the team ran five yard out patterns into a marked off area. The goal was to see how many passes you could complete in one minute. Finally, the team threw four passes ten yards and four passes twenty yards. Jack made a great catch on one of the twenty yard passes. The goal was to complete the most passes.

In spite of their record for the year, Jack's team performed pretty well in the last two drills compared to the other teams. I think that this team had a chance at winning a trophy in one of the last two events. We took off for a cub scout outing before the awards ceremony.

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