Saturday, February 23, 2008

2008 Little Dribblers Basketball Game 6

Jack played his sixth and last game of the 2008 Little Dribblers Basketball season against Holy Spirit Parish School. Jack and I went early to watch Tim and Cole play in the third grade game.

This was probably the worst game that Jack has played this year. He ended up with 6 points. Unfortunately, he probably took almost 15 shots (3 for 15). Rather than driving to the basket and passing, he was looking for his own shot. Although he denied it, I think that this is partly due to the fact that one of friends was in the audience watching the game.

Holy Spirit had one of the biggest most polished kids that we have seen this year.

I refereed the game. The kids are starting to get a lot more physical. I have no interest in refereeing the games next year when they move up from a recreational league to a competitive league.

After the game, the dads played a game against the boys for about an hour.



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