Monday, February 16, 2009

The Death of Tivo (at least in my house)

I have been big Tivo fan over the last six years. At one point eighteen months ago, we had three Tivo units in the house. Sharon and I got to the point where almost everything that we watched was time shifted. I was very excited by Tivo's ability to connect to each other, the internet and a PC. Unfortunately, Tivo's failure to continue their relationship with Directv and the availability of more Directv HD programming created some practical problems.

In late 2007, I replaced the Directv Tivo receiver in the master bedroom with an Directv HD Plus DVR. We have been very happy with the Directv DVR and have not really missed the Tivo. I love the ability to record HD programming on two channels at the same time.

More than five years ago, I installed our first HD receiver in the entertainment center in the bonus room. With the changes in the Directv satellites, the older HD receiver did not support all of the new HD channels. I swapped it out this weekend for a second Directv HD Plus DVR and pulled out a second Tivo.

I have seen press releases indicating that there will be a new Tivo Directv device in the second half of 2009. I think that it is probably too late. I am uninstalling Tivo Desktop from the PC in my den.

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