Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010 Laguna Youth Baseball Tryouts

While I was skiing with Tomasin, Sharon took Jack to the 2010 Laguna Youth Baseball (LYB) Tryouts. This is the fourth year (2007, 2008 and 2009) that Jack has gone to the tryouts. This spring will be Jack's eighth year of organized baseball.

Jack has played an enormous amount of organized baseball in the last two years. Starting in March of 2008, he played spring baseball (Padres) followed by summer ball (Yankees), fall tournament ball (Gunners), spring baseball (Twins), the Cooperstown tournament (Gunners), the Northern California Cal Ripken tournament (LYB 10U All Stars) and finally another season of fall tournament ball (Outlaws).

Given that Jack was an all-star for the league last season, he has to play Majors this year.  Majors will be composed mostly of 11 and 12 year olds.

Talking to Alan, Gary, Greg and Scott, I made an attempt to get Jack as a protected player on a team.  I failed.  As a result, Jack will be going into the draft.  It looks like there are going to 10 Major teams in the league this year.

There are a couple of odd twists this year.  First, the 11 year old all-stars from last year are not returning to play as 12 year olds.  Almost all of them are going to play together on a tournament team, rather than play rec ball.  Joe, the starting point guard on Jack's basketball team, is one of these players.  Second, the local Pony league folded dumping a large number of 12 year olds in the Cal Ripken league.

As part of the tryout, Sharon and Jack said that Jack's throws from shortstop to first were not very good and that he hit one of the three pitches from the pitching machine.  Talking to a couple of the people who were at the first tryout, the talent was pretty thin.  It will be interesting to see where Jack goes in the draft and on which team he lands.

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