Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010 Outlaws Baseball Tournament #2 Day #2

With Jack playing a lot of basketball in January, we made a decision to shutdown baseball for a while. The Outlaws have continued to practice in the indoor facility and played a tournament two weeks ago.

The Eagles have fewer basketball games in February. So after some discussions with the Outlaws coaches, I decided to take Jack out for part of the tournament they are playing this weekend.

In the first day of the tournament, the Outlaws Baseball beat Bret's Muckdogs by the score of 8 to 6 and they beat the Danville Diablos by the score of 4 to 1.

Given that Jack has not picked up a bat in six weeks, I expected him to be rusty, but I was surprised at how well he did. Jack got on base in four of his five plate appearances.

The Outlaws played the Bandits in the first game. At the plate, Jack was 0 for 2 with an RBI and a run scored. In his first at-bat, he drove an 0 and 1 pitch hard right at the feet of the shortstop. Josh scored from third and Jack was safe at first. I scored it as an error on the shortstop. Jack ended up coming around and scoring on a passed ball. He struck out on three pitches in his second plate appearance. The umpire was calling low outside strikes all day. I rarely complain about pitches, but the called third strike on Jack was in the dirt.

Jack played two innings as the EH (extra hitter) and two uneventful innings in left field.

The Bandits beat the Outlaws by the score of 6 to 4 in four innings.

The Outlaws played the Tri Valley Dawgs in the second game.

At the plate, Jack was 1 for 1 with two walks and a run scored. In his first at-bat with runners on first and second, Jack laid down a punt. Jeremy had a great jump off of second. The pitcher fielded the ball and threw it to third and everyone was safe. Jack eventually scored on a walk to James. Jack walked on four pitches in second plate appearance, but got picked off first when he got caught leaning the wrong way. In his third at-bat, Jack walked on five pitches. He was still on first when the inning ended.

Jack played sixth uneventful innings in center field.

With the Outlaws giving up four runs on two errors in the fifth inning, the game ended in a tie with score Outlaws 6, Dawgs 6.

The Outlaws finished the first two days of the tournament seeded fourth. They will play the first seeded Bulldogs on Monday.

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