Friday, April 08, 2011

California Historical Landmark #434

I wandered by this waymark when we were in San Jose to see the Sharks play. The farm that I grew up on included more than 600 acres of this type of prune.

Site of City Gardens
Nursery of Louis Pellier

California State Historical Landmark #434

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This landmark is located in the 100 block of West St. James Street, San Jose, California. There are 42 other California State Historical Landmarks in Santa Clara County. The GPS coordinates for this location are N 37° 20.259 W 121° 53.758.

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California Historical Landmark #434

Pellier, native of Saint-Hippolyte, France and founder of California's prune industry, came to California in 1849. In October 1850 he established a nursery called City Gardens. Here, aided by his brothers Pierre and Jean, who came over from France at a later date, he introduced the French prune-la petite prune d'Agen-into California during the winter of 1856-57.

California Historical Landmark #434

California Historical Landmark #434
California Historical Landmark #434

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