Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Milo Greene write-up in the deli magazine Los Angeles

From the deli magazine Los Angeles - "1957" video and free download
It’s serendipity really. I stumbled across Milo Greene’s video for their song “1957” and I was hooked; I had their song on repeat for the following hour. Then I found out they were playing along with Honey Honey for the last night of their Bootleg Theater residency and I couldn’t pass that up.

What I attended ended up being the quintet’s first official show. Deep locked-in percussion created the anchor to four part layered melodies and instrument switching fun. For a new band, I was pleasantly surprised they injected sweetly crafted interludes into what would have been an abbreviated set; I can only hope that these are seeds of songs to come. It’s not quite indie, it’s not quite folk, and it’s not quite pop but a blend of all three that conjures memories of spending time on a sun drenched porch of an east coast home.

You can download “1957” via the band’s BandCamp page or check out the video for a slightly different version.

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