Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 PAL Varsity Comp SEAS versus St. Mels

The SEAS Eagles scrimmaged against St. Mels on Monday night. Although the boys have been practicing for almost six weeks, this is the first time that they have faced another team. The PAL season is getting started very late this year. As a result, the season is going to be very compressed into a seven week period.

The scrimmage was four 10 minute quarters with a running clock. The Eagles could not get their shots to fall in the first quarter. They fell behind by the score of 15 to 6. The boys looked very tight and tentative. They did a little better over the next three quarters outscoring St. Mels by the score of 35 to 30.

Jack looked solid, but he struggled with his shot. He went 0 for 5 from the field, including 0 for 2 from three point range. Jack added two steals, two turnovers and one rebound. He also had a very nice assist on a pass to Andy.

Getting some practice for the season, I kept score on my iPad using iScore Basketball. I had the final score at St. Mels 45, SEAS 41. The first game of the season will be Sunday night in the Jesuit tournament against St. John Vianney.

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