Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nevada Historical Marker #245

Sunday morning when I was in Reno for the Petersen Shootout, I spent an hour wandering around looking for five different Nevada Historical Landmarks, including; Reno #30; Nevada-California-Oregon Railroad Depot #210; Lake Mansion #227; Frederick Joseph DeLongchamps #245; and Site of Nevada's First Public Library #247.

Frederick Joseph DeLongchamps
Nevada Historical Marker #245

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This marker is located Located on the U.S. Post Office grounds, South Virginia and Mill Streets, Reno, Nevada. There are 41 other historical markers in Washoe County. The GPS coordinates for this location are N 39° 31.490 W 119° 48.732.

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Nevada Historical Marker #245

Frederick Joseph DeLongchamps was Nevada's foremost architect of his time. Statewide, he was prolific in the number of buildings he designed. From this point one can see a group of structures that stand, collectively, as a monument to DeLongchamps: The United States Post Office, The Riverside Hotel, the Washoe County Courthouse and the First Federal Savings and Loan Association. The Northern Nevada Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, dedicated to excellence in architecture, honors the memory of Frederick Joseph DeLongchamps.

Nevada Historical Marker #247

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