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California Historical Landmark #450

Working out of St. Helena from January through November of 2015, I have started exploring California Historical Landmarks in Napa, Sonoma and Lake Counties, including: Site of Stone and Kelsey Home [#426], The Battle of Bloody Island [#427], Sulphur Bank Mine [#428], Lower Lake Stone Jail [#429], Stone House [#450], Old Bull Trail Road and St Helena Toll Road [#467], Chiles Grist Mill [#547], Schramsberg [#561], Charles Krug Winery [#563], Site of York's Cabin [#682], Site of Hudson Cabin [#683], Sam Brannan Store [#684], Sam Brannan Cottage [#685], Site of Kelsey House [#686], Beringer Brothers Winery [#814], Old Lake County Courthouse [#897], Petrified Forest [#915] and Litto's Hubcap Ranch [#939]. I visited all seven of the California Historical Landmarks in Lake County and finished visiting all of the Napa landmarks.

Stone House
California State Historical Landmark #450

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This landmark is located on the northeast corner of Highway 29 and Hidden Valley Road, 5.3 miles north of Middletown, California in Lake County. There are 6 other California State Historical Landmarks in Lake County. The GPS coordinates for this location are N 38° 48.568 W 122° 34.361.

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California Historical Landmark #450

Oldest building in Lake County, the Stone House was erected of stone in 1853-54 by Robert Sterling, whose wife was first non-Indian woman in Coyote Valley. It was rebuilt in 1894 and served as headquarters of the Guenoc land grant and the first store in the valley.

California Historical Landmark #450

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