Wednesday, February 11, 2015

To Providence, Rhode Island

Up early after spending the night in San Carlos, I caught a 8 am JetBlue flight from San Francisco nonstop to Boston. I spent over four hours of the five and a half hour flight working on the computer; I was dumbfounded at how good the wireless was! Although it left late, the flight landed ahead of schedule about 4:35 pm.

Walking out of Logan Airport, I caught the free Silver Line Bus to South Station. I bought a train ticket for Providence. The 6:10 pm train left on time, but ran behind schedule. With all of the snow in the last two weeks, a number of trains were cancelled. I was frankly just glad that the trains were running to Providence. The train got to Providence about 7:40 pm.

I walked a few blocks from Providence Station to the Omni Hotel. I will be spending one night in Providence…

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