Sunday, February 22, 2015

87th Academy Awards

Sharon, Jack and I watched the 87th Academy Awards. Neil Patrick Harris was the host. Over the last two years, Sharon and I have worked in January and February to see as many of the nominated films as possible. This year we saw seven of the eight movies nominated for best picture.

Last year, I was five for five in correctly predicting best picture, best actor, best actress, supporting actor and supporting actress. This year, I had a hard time trying to predict best picture. I ended up going with Sharon and picking Boyhood. I am surprised that Boyhood didn't win either best picture or best director just on the merits of its twelve year production cycle and the vision that it took to pull it together.

I ended up picking three of five, including getting best actress, supporting actor and supporting actress right, but missing on best picture and best actor. Sharon correctly predicted Redmayne for best actor.

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