Thursday, February 12, 2015

From Providence, Rhode Island

After nine meetings in seven and a half hours, I had a car service pick me up in front of the Rhode Island Hospital. With it snowing lightly, I had wild Russian drive a suburban like crazy through the heavy traffic back to Logan Airport in Boston.

I had been a little worried about getting back to the airport to catch my flight. I didn't need to worry. In spite of the weather and the traffic, we covered the 53 miles in a little more than an hour and ten minutes. I got to the airport more than hour before my flight started to board.

I caught an 8 pm JetBlue flight from Boston back to San Francisco. We were on the ground at SFO about 11:10 pm. I caught the shuttle to the long term parking garage. I was back in Napa about 1 am.

It was a 22 hour day. Essentially, it was a 39 hour trip to the east coast and back. My body and brain were very confused after two quick days of back and forth time changes…

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