Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Drew in Napa Day 2

As Drew and I were walking into the concierge lounge for breakfast at the Napa Valley Marriott, Don't Give Up On Me by Milo Greene was playing. It was very surreal. Drew turned to me and said "Well, I just made $0.03..." In reality, it is probably more like $0.0001.

After a nice breakfast, I headed to work and Drew headed to Santa Rosa to meet with a photographer [Nirav Patel]. They spent the day on the coast at Jenner doing a photo shoot.

Drew rolled back to the hotel a little after 7 pm. We went to the Oxbow Market for dinner. After wandering around a bit, we settled at the counter at the Five Dot Ranch. Drew had a giro, while I had a roast beef sandwich. With me feeling a little under the weather and Drew having a busy couple of days, we crashed early while watching an entertaining Warriors versus Rockets game...

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