Sunday, March 06, 2016

ESPN 30 for 30 Vol 3: Four Falls of Buffalo

Running on the treadmill at home on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, I watched Four Falls of Buffalo. This is the fifth installment of ESPN's 30 for 30 Volume 3. An episode guide for Vol 3 is here.

The film follows the Buffalo Bills NFL football team from 1990 to 1993. During this period, the team went on an unprecedented run of AFC Championship victories. The Bills appeared in a record four straight Super Bowls. They lost each time.

In 1990, the Bills lost to lost the New York Giants by the score of 20 to 19. Buffalo missed a 44 yard field goal as time expired. In 1991, the Bills lost to the Washington Redskins by the score of 37 to 24. In 1992, the Bills were destroyed by the Dallas Cowboys; the score was 52 to 17. Dallas forced a Super Bowl record nine turnovers—four interceptions and five lost fumbles—en route to their win over Buffalo. In 1993, the Bills lost again to the Dallas Cowboys; the score was 30 to 13.

This is a very good film. It includes interviews with all of the principals, including players, coaches and the general manager. The attitude of the press during their third and fourth attempts to win the Super Bowl is interesting: "how are you going to deal with losing again." It is amazing how much perseverance it took it in the face of this attitude to make four straight Super Bowls. It is definitely a film worth looking for...

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