Thursday, March 31, 2016

Morgan's New Job

Graduating from the Rudolf Steiner College teaching program in May, Morgan will start working at Sophia's Hearth Family Center, a Waldorf early childhood center in Keene, New Hampshire in June.

We have really enjoyed having her so close over the last year.

wanted to say thanks everyone for helping me golden circle my epic two day job interview-- it went pretty much perfectly and i accepted a full time teaching position at sophia's hearth family center, a waldorf early childhood center in keene, new hampshire, which i will begin in mid-june! this is probably what it feels like to be proposed to by someone you actually like.

also i will most likely be working with the 1 - 3 year olds in the toddler room, my dream come true.

anyone who wants to go on a cross country drive from california to new hampshire should let me know. (preferably someone with big muscles who can protect me from vagabonds.)

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