Monday, May 08, 2017

2017 Sharon in DC Day 4

Done with Freshman yearAlthough he still has a ten page paper to finish by Friday, Jack had his last final of the semester on Monday morning. Sharon met him on campus after the exam. The plan for the day was to pack and clean his dorm room. Sharon and I had reserved three large boxes from the Corp. Sharon had fretted about where to get the empty boxes and where to drop off the full boxes, but everything went smoothly.

After some burgers at the Leavy Center, Jack sold some books and returned a few rented books. They finished cleaning up the room and packing three large bags. They dragged everything back to the Georgetown Marriott.

Sharon and Jack finished the day with dinner at Nora's Restaurant. With the chef retiring, this restaurant is closing this year after 40 years in business. Sharon was unenthusiastic about meal...

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