Sunday, May 21, 2017


When we lived in the Elk Grove house, I used X10 technology to automate the Christmas lights and a number of lamps. I never moved that system to the Carmichael house.

Last fall, I bought a SmartThings hub and a number of GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control Outdoor Modules, Samsung SmartThings Outlets, GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control Appliance Modules, Sylvania Smart+ Lightly RGBW Tunable White and Color LED Bulbs and Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensors.

I used the system primarily to control the Christmas lights and was extremely pleased how well everything worked. I even hooked the SmartThings hub to Alexa. This allows voice control of the system. We primarily used the voice control for a couple of lamps in the bedroom.

Given how well the system was working, I decided expand the types of devices connected to the SmartThings hub. When Sharon was in DC, I added a Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. The old controller was mounted in a very odd spot and was giving me problems.

This weekend, I added several other major devices, including two Ecobee4 Thermostats, a Kwikset 912 Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic Touchpad Lock and a GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control In-Wall Smart Switch. The holy grail was the In-Wall switch. I bought it last fall and made three aborted attempts to get it installed. Googling in the last two weeks. I finally stumbled across some notes that pointed me in the right direction.

I am extremely pleased with how well everything is working!

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