Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Another Cisco EBC

Tuesday night after work, I drove to the Santa Clara Marriott. I was an easy two hour drive. I had not stayed at this Marriott before; I probably won't choose to stay there again...

I spent the day at a Cisco Enterprise Networking Executive Briefing in San Jose. The agenda included: Digital Network Architecture; SDA and Assurance; ISE and Trustsec; Wireless Roadmap, and; iWAN.

Whenever I attend these types of programs, I try to walk away with a couple of key points. My take-aways from this session are that we need to get our ISE pilot started and we need a roadmap for how to integrate iWAN into our network architecture.

Leaving the briefing at 3:30 pm, I spent an hour plus on a conference call. With one quick stop, it took three hours and fifteen minutes to slog my way home in the traffic.

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