Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fall 2017 New England - Day 11

Fall 2017 New England - Day 11We slept in. After a quick breakfast in the concierge lounge, I did 30 minutes on the treadmill to stretch my legs, while Sharon meditated.

The plan for morning was a hike along Rock Creek Park. Last year, on Friday of the Family Weekend, we hiked from the Parkway Deli to Peirce Mill. We walked from the hotel along M Street to Rock Creek Park and headed upstream. We hike 4.25 miles along the park in an hour and twenty-five minutes and like last year ended up at Peirce Mill. A map of the hike is here.

We caught an Uber back to the hotel. After getting cleaned up, we walked to Georgetown. Sharon wanted to stop at the Nike store to look at some shoes for Jack. Unfortunately, I led her astray and we headed up beyond the store and had to back track.

From there, we walked on to the Georgetown Campus to the tailgate party for the football and soccer games. Like last year, the food was actually pretty good.

Jack spent the loin's share of the day studying for two midterms on Wednesday. Catching up with him, the three of us decided to head to the National Galley of Art. We wandered through the Dutch, German and Italian galleries for about an hour and a half. Jack has a midterm in his Art History class on Wednesday that covers a number of pieces that we looked at...

Catching an Uber back to the hotel, we spent some time relaxing and visiting in the room. Eventually, we wandered to a late dinner at Don Lobo's Mexican Grill. Like last Sunday night, I ended up getting some upsetting information on the way to dinner and was very distracted. Sharon and I both had crab and shrimp enchiladas, while Jack had a taco salad.

After dinner, we walked back to the hotel. Jack took an Uber back to Georgetown University.

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