Sunday, October 13, 2019

Celebrating our 23rd Wedding Anniversary - Day 1

At Donum EstatesMoving a little slow after a late night, we dropped Tiber at Best Friends just after 11 am. The plan for the next two days is to head to Napa to celebrate our 23rd Wedding Anniversary.

With the traffic fairly light, it took us just under an hour and a half to get to Donum Estates. There were a lot fewer people than the event in June. I was able to park at one of the two car chargers.

Sitting at a table having a bit to eat while Sharon wandered off to check out some other food, Sharon's old friend Noel came up. He then snuck up on Sharon. We ended up sitting with Noel and his friends (Mike and Laura?) for the rest of the afternoon. Noel is the one that originally turned us on to Donum.

Sharon and I eventually took a trolley up to visit the new wind chimes art installation and the heart. The event was supposed to end at 3:00 pm, but they opened some more wine. They eventually kicked us out just after 4:00 pm. Our group was literally the last to leave!
At Donum Estates
We made a quick stop at the outlet stores in Napa. Sharon wanted to shop at Cabi.

We checked into the Napa Valley Marriott for one night. Having spent almost all of 2015 and 2016 working in the Napa Valley and essentially living at the Napa Valley Marriott, it is always weird to go back there for a night.

We finished the day with a late dinner at Ca' Momi Osteria in downtown Napa. Walking a couple of blocks to the restaurant, we were both surprised how busy the downtown was. We split a Insalata Siciliana [blood oranges, organic fennel, red onion salad with olives & orange vinaigrette]. For entrees, Sharon had Rigatoni con Coda alla Vaccinara [pasta with braised organic bone-in oxtail, san marzano tomatoes, pine nuts, celery, organic raisins & parmigiano reggiano Lazio], while I had Risotto alla Milanese con Ossobuco [veal ossobuco served on arborio risotto with saffron organic bone marrow & parmigiano reggiano lombardia]. I was very disappointed in my meal; at best, I would grade it a "B-."

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