Friday, April 24, 2020

Facetime with Drew, Shannon, Morgan and Lee

Continuing our Friday afternoon tradition of a virtual cocktail hour [Davis Mafia, Larkins, Gainsleys], Sharon and I connected with Drew, Shannon, Morgan and Lee on Facetime. For some reason, both Drew and I struggled to get all of us connected in one Facetime session. I got a little frustrated. After a long week dealing with technology issues on an enterprise level, I just was in the right frame of mind to wrestle with the issue.

Eventually, we got everyone connected on four different devices. I really enjoyed having a chance to see Lee and talk a little bit with Morgan. Lee spent the time crawling after Morgan's iPad. After Morgan and Lee dropped off, we spent almost another hour talking to Drew and Shannon. It was a very nice visit. I looking forward to being able to see all of them in person!

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