Saturday, April 25, 2020

Shelter In Place - Day 44

As part of the rhythm that we are living into, we have been getting curbside takeout on Saturday nights (Matteo's, Rey Azteca, Piatti). This week we got food from Canon. This has been one of Sharon's favorite restaurants over the last couple of years.

Sharon had Adobo Fried Chicken [Green and Purple Snow Pea Salad w/ Pickled Snap Peas, Crispy Quinoa, and Giadiniera Buttermilk Dressing, Palm Sugar Biscuits]. Jack had Half Rack of Ribs [espresso tamarind sauce, pickled fresno chilies, corn nuts, green papaya salad]. I had Crispy Lamb Pave [pickled raisins, espresso pickled carrots, mint yogurt, harissa, flatbread]. We split an order of Heirloom Beets [Nopales, Smoked Tofu, Mole Verde, Tortilla Paste, Beet-Charrones].

Eating dinner, we started watching The Godfather Part III. We watched The Godfather Part II two weeks ago and the The Godfather last weekend.

A footnote. Shopping at Raley's on Saturday morning, it felt like people are starting to take a more laissez faire towards the pandemic. It will be an interesting May...

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