Monday, July 06, 2020

Kayaking at Stumpy Meadows

For Father's Day, Sharon bought me a double inflatable kayak.  In early July, I dragged both of our hard shell kayaks out of the storage shed.  We sold them both in less than 18 hours.  I am going to use the funds to buy one or two inflatable single kayaks to go with the double.

Monday morning, Sharon and I headed up to the Larkins.  From there, we drove to Stumpy Meadows.  The Larkins have two Advanced Element single inflatable kayaks.  The four of us ended up kayaking for two hours from the boat ramp to the old Pilot Creek Bridge at the end of the lake and back.  I enjoyed the kayaking and the Larkins' company.

I am very pleased with the new kayak.  It is so much easier to load, unload and store than the 13' double gunboat that we sold.

The four of us finished the day with a late leisurely lunch on the patio at the Georgetown Hotel and Saloon.  Everyone had a burger.

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