Friday, June 25, 2021

2021 San Francisco - Day 1

Sharon and I took off from Carmichael just after 1 pm. We dropped Tiber at Ruff's Resort on the way out of town. For a change of pace, we took Sharon's car. While I did a couple of work calls, she drove to Vallejo. We switched drivers there and I drove into the city.

We rolled up to the hotel about 3:20 pm. We are spending two nights at the Proper Hotel. The hotel is right on Market Street. I will have some less than positive observations about the hotel and the area on Sunday.

Sharon was bitterly disappointed to find out that the bar in the hotel was not open. Researching options within walking distance, we ended up hiking up to the Ritz Carlton. We enjoyed a cocktail and an appetizer there. I am pretty sure that Sharon and I stayed here years ago [1997?] for my birthday and went to dinner and to a comedy club by the ferry building.

We walked back to the Proper Hotel. We had a 7:15 pm reservation at Charmaine's. This is the rooftop lounge on top of the Proper. We had a nice table outside with a firepit. We had a light dinner of PORK BELLY SKEWERS [Blood Orange Kosho, Black Sesame, Chive] and PROPER CHOPPED SALAD [Little Gems, Cherry Tomatoes, Radish, Avocado, Soft Cooked Eggs, Toma Cheese, Bacon-Sherry Dressing]. For dessert, we had a RAINBOW PRIDE CAKE [Lemon Yogurt Cake, Blueberry Compote, Funfetti Vanilla Buttercream].

We headed up sitting there for more than two and a half hours. We watched the fireworks after the end of the Giants game. With a big day planned for Saturday, we headed back to the room and crashed about 10 pm.

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