Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Hadrian's Wall

My book for November was Hadrian's Wall by Adrian Keith Goldsworthy. More than ten years ago, Jack and I watched a movie called The Eagle. In the movie, they show a Roman fortification that they call Hadrian's Wall. This is described as a wall running all the way across Scotland to protect against the northern tribes. At the time, I thought "yeah, right."

Sharon, Tom and I have scheduled a trip next year to England and Scotland, including a ten day 80 mile hike along the largest Roman artifact known today. It is a Macs Adventure Trip where they will move our luggage each day, while we hike along the Hadrian's Wall.

The book looks at Hadrian's Wall from a number of three angles. First, it examines the history of the Romans in Britian in the first four centuries AD. Second, it explains the type of Roman Legions stationed along the wall. Finally, it details the constuction of the wall.

The book was solid primer for our trip. Next, I am going to read Trekking Hadrian's Wall Path.

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