Monday, February 13, 2023

Back from Phoenix

I got emails from both Southwest and Clear about how busy they expected the airport to be on Monday. With so many people flying out on Monday, I was a little anxious about getting an Uber.

I ended up getting up about 5 am and calling for an Uber about 6 am. Even that early, it took more than twenty minutes to get a driver and for the car to show up.

Although the airport was starting to get busy, I got through security quickly with CLEAR and TSA Pre. I spent a couple of hours doing a walkabout around the airport, eating breakfast, working on the Super Bowl blog entry and doing some work.

I had a B7 boarding pass for Southwest. Southwest now lets you upgrade to A1 through A15 in the app. When I looked on Sunday and earlier on Monday, it said that it wasn't available. I happened to check again sitting at the gate. It was available and I ended up with boarding pass A1!?! Boarding first, I was able to get really the only good seat on an older 737-700: the exit row aisle.

I got a couple of alerts from Flightaware saying that Phoenix was congested. Pushing away from the gate on time, the Captain came on and said that we were 20th in line for takeoff. Taking off almost 30 minutes late, we were on the ground in Sacramento on schedule. It was an easy flight; I finished reading a short biography of Zachery Taylor.

I drove into work for a lunch meet and greet with our new CISO.

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