Sunday, February 19, 2023

Star Lounge

In 1928 The Eastern Star Hall building was built by a group of women who wanted a building of their own. They gathered funding for the project and facilitated the construction, "For women by Women." This current structure is listed on the Nation Register of Historic Places as a fine example of Romanesque Revival architecture and a rare example of a local building devoted to a women’s organization.

For over ten years, the Eastern Star Hall historic building was vacant until current ownership saw the opportunity to breathe new life into this piece of Sacramento’s history and transform the building into the Historic Hyatt House and Star Lounge. For almost one hundred years, this historical place was a gathering ground for all Sacramentens. At the Star Lounge, we take the responsibility of creating an inspiring space for the public as an honor. By bringing the refined craft of art, music, food, and a great cocktail, The Star Lounge continues the tradition of keeping this space an incubator of creativity, an oasis of thought, and a great place to let loose and unwind.

After taking the Valetine's Day decorations to the shed and dragging back the Easter decorations, Sharon and I finished the day having dinner at the Star Lounge. Walking into the restaurant, we ran into Sharon's hair dresser Kelly and her husband.

We had Happy Hours Smash Sliders [Faria brioche ~ smoked cheddar ~ pickle ~ aioli] and Short Rib Tacos [lime cabbage slaw ~ avocado purée ~ cotija]. For dinner, we split a Caesar Salad and a Seasonal Flatbread [prosciutto ~ Laura Chenel chévre ~ arugula ~ castelvetrano olive].

It is a very nice venue. We are definitely going to go back.

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