Saturday, February 28, 2004

Cleaning out the den...

The project for this weekend is to clean up the downstairs den. If you have ever looked closely at the webcam shoot of the den in the past, it is clear that the room has become the dumping room for anything that does not have anywhere else to live. Combined with my tendency to collect books, software boxes and CDs, piles of paper, cables and other hardware, the room has become a disaster over the last six months. Since we set up an office for Sharon upstairs in the fall of 2002, she has largely avoided the room.

After lunch, I took Jack to watch the first graders at SEAS take on St. Mels. At the Murphy's last weekend, I talked to Kevin Ralph who is coaching the first graders and thought that Jack would like to see the "game." Jack will be able to play next year.

While we were making dinner, Sharon and I listened to Versos en Cielo by Issac Delgado. This is one of the CD in the box that Sharon got from Bayside.