Sunday, February 01, 2004

Questions about HDTV?One of my projects for the weekend was to install a three LNB satellite dish and an HDTV receiver.

Sharon convinced it is a part of conspiracy to make her crazy. The current set-up is not particularly easy to use. The old set-up included a single LNB satellite dish and receiver that she bought for me for Christmas of 1996; a Tivo digital video recorder, a DVD player, a VCR, a rear projection big screen TV, a multiplexer that redistributes the satellite signal to other rooms in the house and four different remote controllers. It takes a 2 hour lecture and a 2 hour lab into order to be qualified to operate the equipment.

As the first step of my project, I hung a new satellite dish. Next, I tore apart all of the equipment and added in the HDTV receiver. Although I did not get much of a chance to check it out last night, everything is running and looks pretty good. My next step for a future weekend will be to add an AV receiver and surround sound speakers in the ceiling. I had the bonus room prewired for speakers when we had the house built.

The bad news is that everything will end up being even more complicated to operate...

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