Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Angels & Demons

I finished reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. While his other book The Da Vinci Code has been more popular (it is #2 on the Amazon top seller list today), I enjoyed this book more. I think that the pacing of the book is better and that it is more suspenseful. Additionally, Angels and Demons was set in Rome; Sharon and I spent five days in Rome in October of 1996. The Da Vinci Code was set in Paris and I have not been to Paris yet. I have been to a number of the places in Rome used as settings for Angels and Demons and could visualize the scenes.

I spent 40 minutes this evening tracing Abe Lincoln hats on construction paper for the kindergarteners to cut out as part of my parent hours for the school.

Drew spent about 4 hours on Sunday working 50 to 60 feet above the ground on a metal rail. He said that you could see all the way down through the rails. They were handling 30 pound bricks. He was helping tear down the counterweighted fly system that was used for Romeo and Juliet.

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