Friday, February 13, 2004

Pam Coleman's Retirement Party

Sharon and I left Jack with her brother Tim and went to Pam Coleman's retirement party at the Masonic Family Center in Chico. Pam has worked for the various farm credit entities for more than 32 years. Sharon and I have both worked with Pam over the years.

I worked for Farm Credit for almost 18 years, from October of 1980 to June of 1998. During this time, I worked for the Federal Intermediate Credit Bank of Sacramento, the Sacramento Bank for Cooperatives, the Federal Land Bank of Sacramento, Western Farm Credit Bank and AgAmerica. Sharon worked for the Western Farm Credit Bank and AgAmerica for more than thirteen years from December of 1988 to April of 2002.

There was a good sized group of people at the retirement party, including Sandy Mansfield, Randy Patane, Jerry Jackson, Phil Downing, Jack Montgomery, Gary Olson (he and I went to high school together) and his wife Linda, Ernie Hodges, and Bruce Strickler.

We spent the night in Chico at a bed and breakfast called the Goodman House.

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