Monday, March 01, 2004

Day long session with Cisco discussing Wireless Directions

Yvonne Risch, Steve Wike, Joe Larkin, Jon Baker, Sam Warnke, Robert Haubeck and I spent the day at the Cisco Systems Executive Briefing Center in San Jose. The agenda topics included: Wireless Strategy; Self Defending Network Initiative and Network Admission Control;Wireless for Healthcare; Wireless Standards, Hardware and Direction; Wireless Security and Architectures; and, WLSE Roadmap and Demo.

Sutter has deployed wireless networks at a large number of sites for almost two years. We have had a big push recently to install wireless networks in the hospitals to support a key clinical initiative: electronic medication administration. Sutter is rapidly approaching a crossroads and needs to make some key architecture decisions about where we go in the future with wireless, particularly in the area of wireless security, in order to support a wider range of devices.

One minor conclusion that I came to as part of the meeting is that we should be deploying wireless access points in a higher density with a lower power level than we currently are!

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